Level 2: Module 2 - Neurology

Course outline

The neurological patient probably represents one of your greatest challenges as a veterinary nurse, and appropriate rehabilitative management is essential if a good functional outcome is to be achieved. During this module we will explore neurology from the anatomical and physiological basis of nerves and nerve conduction to pathological conditions and management strategies. In the practical sessions we will practise nerve palpation, neurological examination and appropriate rehabilitation techniques that you can use with your patients.


Specific areas to be covered include:

• The adaptable nervous system – anatomy, physiology and neurodynamics
• Anatomical pathways of the main peripheral nerves
• The physiology of motor control
• Common pathologies seen in small animal practice
• Surgical approaches to neurological conditions
• The neurological examination
• Rehabilitation strategies for the neurological patient
o Postural management
• Case studies

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