Level 2: Module 3 - Physiotherapy

Course outline

A thorough understanding of the principles and practice of physiotherapy underpins the whole course, and this module provides you with essential theoretical knowledge and practical skills. We will go through the entire physiotherapy process from assessment; through treatment to measuring outcomes. Treatments that you can carry out in your practice will include the essential manual techniques and basic electrotherapy skills, and you will be expected to reach a satisfactory standard of knowledge and application. This module also covers the basics of gait analysis.

Specific areas to be covered include:

• The physiotherapy assessment
• Treatment modalities
   o Manual treatments –
Soft tissue techniques
Joint mobilisations
   o Electrotherapy treatments
Principles of electrotherapy
Neuromuscular electrical nerve stimulation
Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation
   o Thermotherapy treatments – hot and cold therapy
• Measuring outcomes – are your treatments working?
• Gait and posture – biomechanics and analysis


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