Level 2: Module 4 - Orthopaedics

Course outline

The orthopaedic patient will be one of your more common challenges, and appropriate rehabilitative management is essential to achieve a good functional outcome with these animals. In this module we will explore orthopaedics from the anatomical and physiological basis of bones and joints, to pathological conditions and effective management strategies. The specific needs of your arthritic patients will be examined. Our practical sessions will cover palpation, orthopaedic examination, and appropriate rehabilitation techniques.

Specific areas to be covered include:

• Bones and joints – anatomy and physiology
• Fractures and fracture repair
• Common pathologies encountered in small animal practice
• Surgical approaches to orthopaedic conditions
• The arthritic patient
• The orthopaedic examination
• Rehabilitation strategies for the orthopaedic patient
• Case studies

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