Level 2: Module 5 - Exercise and Rehabilitation

Course outline

Exercise and rehabilitation represent the final stage in maximising your patient’s fitness and function following illness, injury or surgery. Rehabilitation involves helping individuals to achieve the highest level of function, independence and quality of life possible. A good understanding of the principles of exercise will allow you to perform more effective rehabilitation with your small animal patients. In this module we will explore the principles and practice of exercise and rehabilitation, including applications for both land-based and aquatic therapy.

Specific areas to be covered include:

• Principles of exercise and rehabilitation
o Strength, suppleness, stamina, balance and proprioception
o Assisted, active-assisted, active and resisted exercise
o Concentric, eccentric and isometric muscle activity
o Kinetic chains – open and closed
o Rehabilitation equipment
o Progressing exercise
• Hydrotherapy
• Designing effective rehabilitation programmes

There will be an optional hydrotherapy placement available at a small additional cost.


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